سررسید 1/8 ترمو سه لت دکمه دار

1/8 thermo three-lat chitra maturity

The 1/8 thermo maturity of the three-button magnetic chitra button is one of Chitra's exquisite products that competes with foreign models. The material of this maturity is thermo and it should be mentioned that thermo is called very exquisite leather which changes color after hot engraving and gives an interesting look to Lego and advertisements on the cover. This maturity is locked by having a grain at the end of which has a magnet The beautiful appearance and compact size of this mattress has doubled the popularity of this maturity

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۲۵,۰۰۰ تومان

1/8 thermo matched three-button magnetic maturity

 Paper type: 70 grams

 Cover type: Thermo

 Type of binding: sewing bottom

 Dimensions: 12.5 * 17

 This mattress has a beautiful and handy appearance and is of high quality

 Inside maturity 1/8 thermo chitra two colors printed

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