Chassis board

chassis board

  • Chitra wooden substrate (MDF 3 miles)

    The Chitra Wooden Underlay is made of 3 MD MDF and has a high quality. The number in the carton is 62

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  • Chitra childish submissive

    Chitra Tolkien Underground A4 Size is designed and manufactured in 4 beautiful designs. The Chitra Tolkien Underground with a thick and heavy lock weighs 22 pieces and has the ability to hold a lot of paper. The Chitra-style T4-sized baby armrest with attractive designs and superior quality is one of the new and widely used items. The printed glossy surface of the Chitra chassis board is laminated with talc and has given a special profile to this work and is one of the works produced by Tak, which was first produced by Chitra. Number in carton 50 pcs

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  • Chitra Classic Infrared

    The classic A4-sized Aitra sub-handle with attractive and high-quality designs is superior to the new and widely used items. It was first produced by Chitra Number in carton 48 pcs

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  • Chitra leather underwear

    The A4 leather A4 leather handbag in 4 colors: black, crimson, brown and honey with superior quality is one of the new and widely used items. Number in carton 48 pcs

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  • Wooden underlay (MDF 3 miles) size A3

    Size A3 Number in carton 62 The Chitra Wooden A3 Base with a 22 G thick and heavy lock has the ability to easily hold a large number of tabs.

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