سرسید رقعی

Chitra leather rivet maturity

Two-color ripening mat (leather cover) with leather cover

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۱۱,۰۰۰ تومان

Two-color ripening maturity (leather cover)

 Paper type: 70 grams

 Cover type: Venetian leather

 Type of binding: sewing bottom

 Dimensions 21.5 * 15.5

 Raqqa maturity is a maturity that is between the size of a minister and 1/8 in terms of size and has its own popularity due to its compactness.  Raqqa maturity is not so small that not all notes are there, nor is it so large that it cannot be kept and accompanied.

 Chitra leather ripening is a bestseller

 Chitra leather ripening maturity is printed in two colors

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