Picture of Chitra's 50-line single-color, single-line, two-volume

Chitra's 50-line single-color, single-line, two-volume notebook

Chitra's 50-line, single-line, single-skin (50-volume) linear octavo notebooks in 4 colors: green, blue, red and yellow Number in carton 106 volumes

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The two-volume notebooks of Chitra with high-quality glass cover, on the cover of which laminate plastic is used, and the consumer does not need to re-cover the cover, and therefore it has high strength and durability.

 Chitra double-sided notebooks are produced with a single color scheme

 The binding of the double-skinned notebooks of Chitra is of the single spring type, the spring material of which is made of high quality glossy steel.

 Number in carton 106 volumes

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