سررسید 1/8

Durable 1/8 volume of two-tone crystal

Maturity 1/8 two colors with crystal razor blade Number in cartons 60 volumes

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8.1 two-color crystal maturity maturity

 Paper type: 70 grams

 Type of binding: sewing bottom

 Cover type: razor crystal

 Dimensions: 12.5 * 17

 Chitra 1.8 Crystal Cover Maturity The best cardboard cover has been used to make the cover and has the thickest cover among the maturities. In its cover model, a model called the cover cover has been used, which is the so-called cover making model.  It is called French

 The cover of the cover is made of crystal instead of cellophane. Crystal is a type of coating that is placed between gallons and leather, and due to the printing capability of this type of material, it has given a special beauty to this work, and this is more for people who use it frequently during the day.  It is suitable for maturity, especially in workshop and non-office environments, and this is due to the durability and high quality of this type of Chitra maturity.

 Chitra 1/8 maturity is printed with two colors inside

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