Picture of Notebooks of 100 Children's octavo Linear Covering (Hardcover) Spring Single Chitra

Notebooks of 100 Children's octavo Linear Covering (Hardcover) Spring Single Chitra notebook

Notebooks of 100 sheets of cellophane cover (hard cover, volume making) Chitra is packaged in 8 designs for girls and boys in 42 volumes in cartons.

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The 100-page children's bookcase of Chitra is produced with a hard cover and thick cardboard is used in the production of the cover. This model of notebooks, which is known as cellophane cover or cover making, is considered as one of the very stylish offices of Chitra.

 The 100-sheet single-spring single-leaf fancy office binding is one of the best types of binders, and the use of a single spring prevents the springs from opening apart (in double-leaf bindings) during use.

 The springs used in Chitra's offices are made of high-quality steel, and thicker-diameter springs are used to make it easier to open and close.

 Chitra cover books are one of the high quality books produced in the world class

 Number in box 42 volumes

 In the cover design model of these notebooks, the single cover method is used in such a way that the cover is separated and the back cover is made, and the raw cardboard is not visible at the end of the work.

 The esters used inside these notebooks are used to connect the spring to the cover.

 The production of Chitra fancy office, especially Chitra cover books, is extremely accurate and artistic, which makes it enjoyable to use.

 Chitra hardcover notebooks are produced with a variety of designs for boys and girls

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